The CF Clubhouse




After a very long and very event filled semester abroad, I am incredibly excited to be back in the United States spending the summer interning in my favorite city, New York. This summer I am the digital marketing intern for International Cosmetics and Perfumes (ICP), a luxury perfume company, on the House of Creed account. Creed is a perfume made for royalty, quite literally. Queens, Kings and presidents from all over the world have worn these scents for hundreds of years now, and trust me, it smells AMAZING.

Now that I’ve given my mini life-update, I want to talk about a very cool space that is back in the city this summer: The CF Clubhouse. I interned with the CF Team back in Fall Semester as an Editorial Intern and I have been a community member since summer 2016. I also have had the opportunity to focus my area of interests in the CF Marketing Fellowship under the supervision of College Fashionista’s Brand Marketing Manager, Katie. is an online platform which connects college students across the globe who are career-oriented and share a love of fashion and beauty. College Fashionista, started by Amy Levin-Klein, is a Clique Brand (other Clique Brands include Who What Wear, MyDomaine, The Thirty, and Byrdie) and is headquartered in New York City. Community members of College Fashionista have access to panels, education on career tools (like Adobe Photoshop), the opportunity to voice their ideas and opinions to the CF team, and so much more. Because the participants of College Fashionista are members of an online community, the CF Clubhouse gives us the opportunity for members to actually meet in person for incredible events hosted by the CF Team for a two-week period in New York City.

The event space is in the second year of activation and I hope that the space continues for years and years to come. Panels at the space give community members insights from industry-insiders and professionals and the opportunity to learn from the people who they aspire to have a career like in the near future. This year, the space is co-hosted by Dormify, Primark, A X E, and my personal favorite, Bumble. The panel discussion I went to last week featured women from Bumble, Viacom, The Wing, and Tarte Cosmetics with careers in marketing. For an aspiring CMO (dream big, right?) focusing in digital marketing in the fashion industry, this talk was perfectly catered to me. Attending not only not only opened my eyes to a wide-range of career paths and knowledge, but also boosted my  confidence. The College Fashionista team (and its community members) are so inspiring, dedicated, and committed to helping everyone be successful and I am so proud to be a member of this community.

So now that I’ve done my fan-girl-ing, I want to talk a little bit more about this amazing space. For one, THE FRIDGE. Alright so to be honest I am kind of picky when it comes to snacks and coffee but I’m over the moon to say that the CF Clubhouse fridge has my FAVORITE coffee from La Colombe and it really is the little things that make us all so happy. In addition to La Colombe, the fridge also has La Croix and “Boxed Water is Better” mini boxes. At the CF Clubhouse Kick-off party, the CF Team even had Artichoke Basille Pizza and Shake Shack for all of the attendees. To top-off the kitchen, the fridge door says “I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry.*” Moving to the next area is a work space with pens, spaces for laptops, and notebooks with pens. The work space area was designed courtesy of BumbleBizz and it is the perfect addition to the clubhouse. Small areas of the clubhouse are dedicated to other partners Dormify and Primark. The Primark corner is perfectly designed for photo-worthy moments, I took photos of several different community members in this area. Lastly, there’s the mini-stage. The mini-stage is perfectly designed for the panel discussions because it is placed above the rest of the floor plan so all of the community member’s can easily see and participate in the discussion. The space (sadly) closes tomorrow so if you have the chance to check it out before then definitely head over to 241 Centre Street in NYC. If not, you’ll have to wait until next summer, see you there xoxo


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