The second half of our spring break trip we headed to the beautiful cities of Nice and Monte Carlo in the south of France. Although it rained for about 95% of our time here, the vacation was still, as always, amazing. I know that I must travel back to these cities when the weather is nicer because that ocean water was far too beautiful for me to not swim in it in the summers to come. We headed over from Barcelona on a very early morning flight to Nice. Our hotel was conveniently located about 20 minutes from the airport and a five-minute walk from the train (which we took to Monte Carlo).

Between attempting to climb the #ILOVENICE sign to laughing on top of a Ferris Wheel to sitting on a beach facing a turquoise clear ocean, the south of France was everything I could’ve dreamed of and more. Keep reading on for all of my favorite stops along the way in Nice and Monte Carlo in addition to my recommendations for all of you looking to visit. Cheers, xoxo.

My Recommendations: Nice

  • Casa Elli: Casa Elli was a very quaint little Gelato place that we visited on our first day.
  • The beach
  •  #ILOVENICE sign
  • The Ferris Wheel
  • Bistro del opera Brassiere: We came to this small restaurant on our first night in Nice.
  • Waka: We went to Waka for dinner on our second night. I definitely would recommend Waka! They had really good burgers and even better drinks.
  • Cafe de Delices:  Cafe de Delices had GREAT gelato.
  • Movida: We went to Movida for dinner on our last night. Movida overlooks the beach so it was a beautiful sight for us to enjoy. We order lots of tapas for sharing and split a bottle of wine. I would definitely recommend reserving a seat because the enclosed “outdoor” area is for individuals who want to dine and smoke.
  • Ballanger: We visited Ballanger for dessert. I highly recommend it here! Ballanger had churros with chocolate, ice cream, cookies, milkshakes and every dessert in between.

My Recommendations: Monte Carlo

  • Hop-on-hop-off bus tour: The hop-on-hop-off bus tour is amazing in Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo, although a very small city, is incredibly hilly so it is hard to walk to all of the sites. It rained all day when we were in Monaco so the bus tour was a wonderful option for us. Some of the bus tour highlights include:
    • Grace Kelly Gardens
    • Royal Palace
    • Japanese Garden
    • New National Museum of Monaco (Villa Sauber).

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