Trip Review: Barcelona


The fourth of my trips this semester was to the incredible city of Barcelona, and let me tell you, Barcelona was by far my favorite city, and I loved it so much that I am already planning my next trip there.

I started the beginning of my spring break trip with my friends Zoe, Neha and Annie (as per usual). We headed over to Barcelona on an early morning flight out of London and I slept most of the way so that I would have all my energy for the day! The second I got to Barcelona, my Spanish skills from high school came right back to me, which I was very surprised about. after we landed, we searched for the metro from the airport to our hotel (which I got directions for in Spanish!), my friends and I headed to our hotel, called House by Pillow, which I HIGHLY recommend for any students traveling to Barcelona. The hotel was so nice and was located fifteen minutes from Sagrada Familia. In addition that that, House by Pillow was such a good price!

Between strolling through La Boqueria and Las Ramblas, to watching the magical sunset of Bunkers de Carmel, Barcelona was nothing short of incredible. I have never been this in love with a city I visited in my life, from beginning to end Barcelona was beautiful. Keep reading on for all of my favorite stops along the way in Barcelona in addition to my recommendations for all of you looking to visit. Cheers, xoxo.

My Recommendations

  • La Boqueria: La Boqueria is a HUGE market on one of the main strips in Barcelona. I highly recommend going here on an empty stomach because I honestly wanted to try all of the food there. Sidenote- they had really tasty gelato and fresh fruit.
  • Park Güell: Antoni Gaudi is a visionary. You have to visit this tourist spot, it has an incredible view of the city and the mosaics were gorgeous.
  • La Sagrada Familia: Antoni Gaudi, again, left me speechless in La Sagrada Familia. This church, by far, is the most beautiful place I have ever been. I highly recommend visiting here around 3:00pm on a sunny day, trust me the light coming through the stained glass will be magical at this hour.
  • The Beach
  • Magic Fountain Light Show: This light show at the Magic Fountain was beautiful, as I keep saying about the rest of Barcelona. During this show, colors run through the fountains making for a colorful and breathtaking view (I have included a picture in this blog post so definitely check that out for a sneak peek!).
  • Maximum: We went to maximum for Lunch and honestly the food was fantastic. They sell their sangria in goblets and they have a wonderful pasta selection
  • Dow Jones Stock Market Bar: A large group of Fordham students visiting Barcelona during spring break all visited this bar together. This bar is American Stock Market themed with drink prices varying on the frequency of orders. This is a definite go-to place, especially if you’re a business student.
  • Brunch and Cake by the Sea: Brunch and Cake was so good that we went twice. I recommend trying the Supersandwich, it comes with a syringe of guacamole.
  • Rosa Negra: We went to Rosa Negra for dinner as per my friend Katelyn’s recommendation (she studied abroad in Barca last semester). Rosa Negra is a Spanish restaurant that has great guacamole and even better margaritas. It is really well- priced and is fun for groups!

    Palosanto: We went to Palosanto for tapas and they were so delicious! Definitely, make a reservation if you’re planning on visiting Barcelona during the colder months. My friends and I didn’t make a reservation and we ended up cuddling around the space heater outside during our meal

  • Pura Brasa Non-Stop Kitchen: Pura Brasa is right near the magic fountain light show, so this is a really good place to try afterward. They had wonderful sharing options for tapas and they had several different pasta and burger options for main course!

  • Clubbing at Sutton: Sutton is a really fun club that I would recommend. Annie, Zoe and I ALL ran into people from high school here so it’s definitely a popular spot for Americans!

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