Trip Review: Zurich

The third trip of the semester was to the charming city of Zurich, Switzerland. I fell in love with this city very quickly, and I know that I have to go back again.

I started my trip at London Luton Airport, which was a new trip for me! My friends Annie, Zoe, and Neha had a flight earlier in the day so I traveled this EasyJet trip alone.  On my hour and a half flight I was very sad to finish my latest read, The Career Code, which was written by the creators of Clique!  The airport in Zurich is HUGE and very overwhelming if I’m being honest, but I was very lucky in that most of the signs were written in English.  I was then greeted at my Hotel by my dear friends and we made our way over to the cutest American themed restaurant near the hotel for our typical low key Thursday night.

The next day was super jam-packed because we were only going to be in Zurich until the next morning. We went to Old Town Zurich, the tallest building in the city, a chocolate shop (and the chocolate was FANTASTIC), a traditional cheese fondue shop for dinner, and to Zurich’s backyard mountain called Uetliberg. For all of those planning to visit Zurich, I would recommend going for a couple of days so that you can visit the larger mountains (like Jungfraujoch)!

Keep reading on for all of my favorite stops along the way in Zurich in addition to my recommendations for all of you looking to visit. Cheers, xoxo.

My Recommendations

  • Uetliberg: Uetliberg is Zurich’s backyard mountain and is a winter wonderland. There is a 20 minute train to here from Zurich’s main station. It was absolutely beautiful, I highly recommend going here.
  • Burgers and Shakes (dinner): we went to Burgers and Shakes our first night in Amsterdam and it was so cute there. The whole restaurant is decorated in an American themed manner and definitely made us feel right at home. Their milkshakes were in mason jars and had great fries!
  • Chocolat Dieter Meier- Chocolate Tours in Zurich are only available on Saturday’s so on our Friday visit we knew we had to find an alternative. This chocolatier in Old Town Zurich was INCREDIBLE. The girls working there let us sample all types of chocolate and they explained the taste, origin, and melting process for each type. It was like a mini chocolate tour!
  • Swiss Chuchi Restaurant (dinner): We went to this restaurant for a traditional cheese fondue dinner, and it was FANTASTIC. Our waiter was super funny and the ambiance of the restaurant was great. With all of that said, watch your purse very closely when dining ladies, the girl sitting at the table behind us had her bag stolen.
  • Henrici- The Rhythm of Coffee (lunch): We went to this coffee shop for lunch and they had really good flat pizza. Annie and I got the Yolo which had an interesting combination of flavors (but was still good!) and Zoe and Neha got the Mexican (which honestly looked so good I was upset I didn’t order it!). I would definitely check this place out for a nice lunch- they had really reasonable prices given that Zurich is SUPER expensive.

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