Trip Review: Amsterdam


The second trip of the semester was to the incredible city of Amsterdam. I fell in love with this city the first time I read John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, and oh my goodness this city is just as beautiful as he described it.

I started my trip at London Gatwick Airport (as per usual) with my friends Zoe, Neha, and Annie. We all hopped on a very short trip to Amsterdam together. The airport in Amsterdam is super cool, it could be the most original airport I’ve ever seen. We then headed over to our Airbnb which was actually attached to the owners home so we got to meet them (which was an interesting experience). As per our usual first nights, we kept it low key and just explored the local Amsterdam neighborhood (you have to Uber pretty much everywhere in Amsterdam).

Our next two days were super jam-packed. We went to the I Amsterdam sign, A’dam lookout, did a canal cruise, visited the Heineken factory (where I actually ran into someone I went to high school with!) visited the Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, and walked through Amsterdam’s infamous Red Light District. Amsterdam was beautiful every single step of the way and the locals were some of the most friendly people I have encountered to this date.

Keep reading on for all of my favorite stops along the way in Amsterdam in addition to my recommendations for all of you looking to visit. Cheers, xoxo.

My Recommendations

  • Ice Bakery: they had the BEST gelato. It is right near the red light district and was a great stop along the way
  • Blushing (breakfast/ lunch): we went to blushing twice when in Amsterdam. They had great soup and vegetable burgers and wonderful lattes. They also had really great dessert
  • Pancake place near Anne Frank house- this pancake place was really good but there were 2 issues- they don’t split the check and they also don’t accept cash. It was worth it though because the pancakes were so fantastic.
  • Clubbing at AIR.- I would not recommend it here just because I didn’t have the best time. However, Annie did like it there so maybe some of you will too! Definitely do your research and try to pick a club that fits what you’re looking for. 
  • I Amsterdam- the iconic tourist sign. Go. climb the sign it’s amazing for pictures and is an adult-jungle gym ahah
  • A’dam lookout– we went on an incredibly windy day but oh my goodness the view was worth it. It was so cool and an adrenaline rush for sure. 
  • Heineken Experience – we bought a combo pack and ended up being able to take a canal cruise to Heineken. We ended up getting 4 free beers there- it was a wonderful pregame haha
  • van Gogh Museum– Is absolutely amazing definitely go and see it. The art was really cool it was 3 floors, it was kind of sad though because they didn’t have a lot of the famous pieces (ie: Starry night)
  • Anne Frank House– we spent about an hour here, it was breathtaking. Make sure you book tickets in advance.

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