Trip Review: Copenhagen

The first of my trips this semester was to the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark. The scenery in this city was probably my favorite part, however, the Danish pastries were a very close second!

I started my trip at London Gatwick Airport and was happily greeted by Amada and Alex who I didn’t know would be on my flight! We made our way over to Copenhagen together and met up with our friends Zoe, Neha, and Annie in our hostel which was very nicely connected to a hotel (for those of you traveling to Copenhagen looking for somewhere cheap to stay check out Annex Copenhagen). We kept it very low key our first night and just hung out in the hostel/hotel which we will forever refer to as “Nickelodeon-themed” since the walls were orange and red.

From exploring the city’s most Instagrammable strip, Nyhaven, to looking at the scenery and famous Little Mermaid statue from our boat cruise, from laughing while riding rented bikes (FYI Cope’s bikes are MOTORIZED and super hard to ride) to having the most delicious hot chocolate, Copenhagen stole my heart. My friends and I had the most wonderful and relaxing weekend getaway. Keep reading on for all of my favorite stops along the way in Cope in addition to my recommendations for all of you looking to visit. Cheers, xoxo.

My Recommendations

  • Nyhavn: this is where all the colorful houses are that everyone always Instagram feeds
  • We did a boat tour that left Nyhavnyhavn which was really calm and wasn’t super expensive. It took us to all of the major sites → we saw the Little Mermaid statue on the tour so it kinda kills two birds with one stone since the statue is kinda overrated.
  • We also rented bikes for an hour which costed $33 USA but it was soooo worth it. I would definitely check it out. Be aware however that their bikes are motorized- play around with the bike gears and settings to change it to manual so it’s easier to ride
  • We visited the outdoor Copenhagen Market which was beautifully decorated and is inside as well as outside. They have a ton of different flower and food vendors inside as well as free samples!


  • Klods Hans: This is a really cute cafe that is right on the Nyhavn strip with all the restaurants and stuff. My friends and i stopped here to grab hot chocolate after the boat cruise and it was absolutely amazing.
  • Skt. Peders Bageri: This is a bakery in Copenhagen and was super awesome. I got the most amazing chocolate croissant however they are known for their cinnamon rolls. Annie got the cinnamon roll and I had a bite and it was honestly to die for.
  • Paludan Bog & Cafe: This cafe was amazing and was by far my favorite one in Copenhagen. They had great breakfast options and wonderful lattes. In addition to this, it also had a TON of books and beautiful artwork inside. 
  • Cafe Carlton: We went here for dinner and the food was amazing. We also got a round of mojitos and those were super, super tasty too. I would definitely check this restaurant out.Oh, I almost forgot- it was also awesome because they let us do all separate checks!
  • Heidi’s Beir Bar: This was really fun bar with a good crowd. It has two floors and great cider. This is a good low key hang out with friends kinda place
  • Tyrolia: Is on Vestergrade Street and is a club. The cover to get in was the equivalent of $8 USA so it was totally worth it. They played a lot of American music and it had a younger crowd. 
  • Streckers: We grabbed lunch here and they had good burgers and free wifi which was totally needed. 


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