January: London Calling

 || 1 amazing semester ahead


I have been in the beautiful city of London for just about a month now, and I have completely fallen in love. The people, the culture, the architecture, the fashion and the accents; London you have completely captured my heart. So far my semester has actually been going really well- all of my classes are actually awesome which is a first for me!

I miss New York of course, how could I not? My amazing support system of a family is all in the NYC area in addition to my wonderful boyfriend August, and I wish they could all be here enjoying the warm and inviting city of London with me- however, I know that being here is really, really good for continuing to make myself more independent.

In terms of traveling, I’m super, super excited because I finally have a place where I can share my travel photos and experiences with all of you! I’m thinking I will probably have my travel articles be a place where I can share my recommendations and favorite photos from the countries and cities I see, but I am also thinking maybe I can talk a little about the fashion and cultures in each of my destination trips this semester- I haven’t decided yet.

Cheers for now, xoxo


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